Our Viva!

Caesar Creek State Park Campground • Wilmington, OH • JUN 20 - 21, 2019


(front row: Elizabeth, Linda, Zoe, Brandy; back row: Rick, Sangeet, William, Bill)

We had forgotten what a lovely shade of gray Ohio skies can be! And the cool temperature and steady drizzle on the day before the start of summer—perfect! (Yes, we miss Florida already…and as Rick is writing this blog entry, a family of three just walked by wearing jeans and fall coats).

We left Corbin, KY, shortly after dawn and spent much of the trip on I-75, including long stretches of heavy rain. Linda was checking weather and traffic ahead of us, and fortunately saw a massive traffic jam just across the Ohio River in Cincinnati. We took the outerbelt, which added more miles but saved us a lot of time by avoiding the delays.

Caesar Creek State Park Campground was not what we were expecting. We knew we weren't on the waterfront, but we thought there would at least be water views. Wrong. The campground is set back from the lake and is carved out of the woods, with the sites having a short, narrow ribbon of blacktop about the width of most RVs, and an electric hook-up. No water, no sewer, and of course no laundry, no cable, no wi-fi, and only the weakest of cell phone service. We were clearly spoiled by spending two days at Disney's Fort Wilderness with all of its amenities and activities.

We took Zoe for a walk and then Rick and Zoe ran two miles. That was about all there was to do here. We retired to the Viva for the evening and listened to the rhythm of the falling rain…

The next day, Friday, was so much better! First, at the campground, we saw beautiful Indigo Bunting (see the blue-colored bird in the photos). We then had a wonderful visit with our younger daughter, Brandy; her husband, Bill; grandchildren William and Elizabeth; and Sangeet, Elizabeth's boyfriend. Rick got to see Brandy and Bill's lovely home (Linda had seen it on a previous visit), then Brandy drove us to Wright State University to give us a tour of her office at the ONEIL Center for Research Communication, where she is the Executive Director. Very impressive training and research going on there!

After a fantastic lunch at Wheat Penny (vegan pizza!), we went back to the house where undefeated champion Brandy challenged the family to a game of croquet. Make that "previously undefeated champion," as Rick rose to the challenge as he usually does and won the match.

We enjoyed meeting Sangeet and seeing everyone again. We were surprised with the gift of a bottle of Dom Perignon to celebrate our 40th Anniversary and also Linda's upcoming "decade birthday" (to live to see another day, Rick won't specify which decade birthday it is…). William and Elizabeth gave us a sampling of locally brewed beers which we will especially enjoy on hot days back home in Florida. William also gave us a wonderful sampling of vegan offerings from his new food industry venture, Picnk. The food was great, and we are predicting big things for his business!

It was hard to say goodbye, but it became time to head back to the campground as we had a decision to make. Check out the next entry.

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