Our Viva!

Fisherman's Cove at Lake Harris • Tavares, FL • FEB 19, 2015


Not a typical trip for us. And by “us,” it’s not the usual “us”--Rick, Linda, Tybee and Zoe. This time the “us” was just Rick and Zoe (in the photos, Tybee was just visiting).

Frigid (for Florida) temperatures were forecast for overnight, and we were worried that the Viva’s water lines and holding tanks could freeze. We’re not able to park the Viva in front of our house and plug in, so our only recourse was to go camping where we could connect to electric and turn on the heat. Rick and Zoe headed to Fisherman’s Cove, while Linda and Tybee stayed behind to keep watch over all of the plants we had to move inside for several days.

After backing in and leveling, Rick found that he couldn’t plug into the electric service box because it had a plastic zip tie around it. The camper on the next lot came out and said that the panel box had broken off the post, so someone added the zip tie to keep it anchored in place--but it also closed off the access door. He offered to cut the zip tie while Rick went in the Viva to get bungee cords. He cut, and Rick wrapped the cords around the box to keep it attached to the pole. Not a great solution, but it worked as Rick was able to plug in. We always use a surge protector, and it was especially reassuring to use it this time.

The next issue was the water supply. The faucet had a splitter that made two faucets. After hooking up to one side, Rick turned on the water and the other side started leaking due to a faulty shut-off valve. Simple solution--turn off the water, disconnect the hose, remove the splitter, attach hose to the main (single) faucet. Water on, no leaks, we’re in business!

Linda came out later with Tybee and brought dinner for all. After they left for home, Rick spent the evening working on his novel while Zoe watched two movies on her iPad. Seriously. She watched two movies on her iPad.

The gas furnace kept the Viva comfortable as the outside temperature steadily dropped overnight. Rick turned on the holding tank heaters early, and several times he ran both hot and cold water for added insurance against freezing. The overnight low was supposed to be 26 degrees. Around 4 or 5 in the morning, when Rick checked weather.com, the temperature for Tavares was 30 with a “feels like” temperature of 24. Cold enough!

Rick took Zoe for a walk at daylight. Linda and Tybee then arrived with breakfast--what service! The temperature started climbing, and it was safe to disconnect and head home.

Although this camping trip was for the Viva more than for us, Rick and Zoe still had a good time.

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