Our Viva!

Cartersville/Cassville-White KOA • Cartersville, GA • JUN 22, 2019


Something happened on Day 3 of our scheduled 60 day trip that we didn't mention in our previous blog entries, because we were delaying our decision and hoping for the best. It didn't work out that way.

On the third day of our trip, our air conditioner went out. It was still producing cold air—no problems there—but the cylindrical fan that blows out the air was either broken or it had slipped out of its sleeve on one end. It was turning, but it was making contact with another part and emitting an unsettling noise, so bad that we were afraid using it would cause more damage. We called from the road and found a Coleman (our AC brand) shop that said they could take a look at it if we swung by the next day. We were thrilled, because it's hard to get same day service on an RV, and we can't leave it for several days because it's both our mode of transportation and our home on wheels when traveling. But not only was the place not open when we stopped the next day, it looked like really, really bad news—not a business we felt we could trust.

So, we spent a couple of days discussing our plight, trying to decide whether to press on and hope for cool weather the entire trip (going to Michigan and then all the way up to Maine would be different than heading out to the scorching west), or bite the bullet and head back to Florida. Reality set in—we knew there would be many hot days ahead of us, and we couldn't go on without a functioning air conditioner—so we decided to cut our losses and go home. It was an extremely painful decision. We had plans to see our older daughter, Mandy, and to visit friends and relatives—Sol and DJ in Michigan, Roger and Fran in Pennsylvania, high school buddy Steve Malley and wife Claudia in New York, and nephew Cory in New Hampshire. There were places we wanted to go that we'll probably never get to see. Things happen, though.

We left Dayton and made it back to Florida it two very long days. We stopped in Cartersville, Georgia, just to sleep for the night, and we were so tired we don't remember much about the campground. We were like zombies when we finally pulled into our driveway at home.

A disappointing end to a much anticipated trip!

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