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Pine Mountain RV Resort • Pine Mountain, GA • JUN 18, 2019


We took Zoe for a walk and to the dog park, Rick ran a couple of miles, and Linda got in an exercise walk before we disconnected and headed for the next campground.

As we drove deeper into Georgia, we saw several homes and buildings that had been reduced to piles of rubble. Rick remarked that a tornado had to have gone through the area, and we later learned that indeed one of the March tornadoes that swept across the south had hit Talbot County, causing significant damage. Very sad to see the aftermath of that storm.

The route was not long today, so we had time to stop at Calloway Resort & Gardens, a must-see destination if you're ever in this area. In addition to the resort, restaurants, and golf course, there are the Gardens with a scenic drive through acres and acres of beautiful trees, plants, flowers, and lakes. The walking and biking paths have small signs identifying the types of vegetation. We walked several of the paths, including one leading to the Ida Cason Calloway Memorial Chapel, an absolutely beautiful chapel nestled in the trees overlooking one of the lakes. What a truly lovely and peaceful setting. We also saw an authentic pioneer log cabin that had been built around 1830!

The skies darkened and we got caught in a rain shower, but that didn't stop us from visiting the Cecil B. Day Butterfly Center where more than a thousand butterflies fluttered about all around us, in an indoor conservatory with tropical vegetation and waterfalls. Stunning!

The campground was less than five miles from Calloway Resort & Gardens. We arrived shortly after 4:00 p.m., and the office was already closed—fortunately, our site info was in an envelope posted outside. We found our site and hooked up just before another shower started. After the rain passed, we took Zoe for a walk and let her visit the dog park. The campground had some nice amenities—a large pool with a sauna, a playground for kids, and a recreation building—but the scattering of small trees throughout the grounds didn't offer much shade. It was overcast, so we didn't need to put out the awning.

Day Two is already in the books…we're just getting started, and the days already seem to be flying by!

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