Our Viva!

Albany RV Resort • Albany, GA • JUN 17, 2019

36 states down, 12 to go to complete the Lower 48 in 5 years!

For the fourth time, our good friend and former neighbor J.P. Perry sent us off with a song, this time with his version of "On The Road Again." Lois was enjoying Disney with her family and couldn't join us on her ukulele, but J.P. was great as usual and it was nice to see him again.

A long RV trip involves an unbelievable amount of planning, preparation, and details far too numerous to list here. Linda toils for months in advance, mapping out our route, selecting campgrounds along the way, making reservations, and arranging for sights and sites to see and things to do on our trip. The closer we get to departure day, the more stressful it becomes to make sure we didn't overlook something that needed done. As we were doing the final loading of the Viva for this trip, Zoe knew it wasn't just another short drive to Flagler Beach. She was constantly by our sides, to make sure she wasn't left behind. Rick did take Zoe for a one mile early morning run before we left, which took the edge off both of them!

Day One was uneventful, mostly driving from point A to point B without much scenery along the way. Our first stop was about 280 miles from home, in Albany, Georgia. The campground offered spacious sites and ours, like most, was level and shaded. There was a pond with ducks to watch and a dog park for Zoe that was large and well-maintained. The campground had lots of trees, was reasonably priced, and turned out to be a great place to spend the first night.

The adventure has begun!

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