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Gamble Rogers Memorial State Recreation Area • Flagler Beach, FL • FEB 22 -23, 2015


We have a vinyl map of the United States on the back of the Viva, and before heading out on this trip we finally added all of the states the Viva has traveled. Previously, we just had added only Florida—not good when your personalized license plate is “TRAVELS.” We needed to show that we have ventured beyond our home state! But now we’re current, and we have visited a total of 12 states.

Site 13 this time at Gamble Rogers Memorial SRA. Both good and bad. Good: level, very wide site, and, although a lot of vegetation, some good ocean view. Bad: the best view was on the left side of the site, but we had to park to the far right due to the location of the hookups. The bottom step out of the Viva led us almost into the vegetation along the right edge of the lot. Solution if we ever have this site again: extension cord for the electric hookup, and a longer water hose.

When we checked in, the ranger asked if we brought binoculars. Normally we have binoculars onboard, but we used them on the boat recently and didn’t take them along this time. The ranger said that Right Whales, among the most critically endangered of all whale species, are migrating just offshore, and that we might be able to see them. We kept looking, but didn’t see any. There were a number of people watching for them along the beach. Not sure if anyone else had better luck.

We took turns walking the beach (one walked while the other stayed with the dogs), and we both found several interesting shells.

In late afternoon we took the dogs for a walk heading north on A1A, toward downtown Flagler Beach. Walked about two miles total.

The first night was warm with calm winds—perfect for a campfire. We forgot to bring along vegan hot dogs, so we just sat and looked at the stars in the clear sky.

Enjoyed a long walk on Monday morning. This time we went south on A1A, and turned around at the Flagler/Volusia county line sign.

It was a gorgeous day—warm, with bright sunshine and low winds. We again took separate walks on the beach. At some point we will be comfortable leaving the dogs in the Viva—it seems like everyone else leaves their dogs alone with no problem—but we’re not at that point yet. Not sure why—they have AC, food, water, a comfortable place to sleep, TV or radio, etc., they’re securely locked inside but there are people all around them if there’s a problem. But still, we’re not ready yet! So separate walks it was. We each saw a crab, and we each found interesting shells.

We took the dogs for a long walk in the late afternoon, north this time. We then had a quiet evening in the Viva. Rick continued to work on his novel, and Linda read. The dogs were tired and conked out early. We left the screen door open and listened to the surf until it was time for bed.

With gray, overcast skies and a chance of rain, we broke camp early the next morning and headed home. But as always, a great time at Gamble Rogers!

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